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A list of the most common questions that we get asked by potential student-athletes and college prospects.
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  • How do you get a scholarship?

    The first step is to reach out to us for a free consultation. We will give your academic and athletic credentials an evaluation and give you an initial eligibility determination. You can ask any questions you may have during this conversation too.

  • What academic qualifications do I need?

    Each college will have different entry requirements depending on if they’re NCAA, NAIA, or NJCAA. Usually, a C grade average in your GCSEs and subsequent studies will be enough if you score highly on the SAT/ACT exam. However, junior colleges are a good entry level if you don’t have the grades initially for a bigger school as the requirements are much lower. We would discuss this with you in a consultation before beginning the process.

  • How long is the recruitment process?

    Most people begin the recruitment process 12 months before they intend to head out to the States. The earlier you start, the better as there are many tasks to complete and you are competing against other athletes for scholarship funding and roster spots.

  • What does a scholarship cover?

    Academic or Athletic scholarships can be awarded and combined to aid towards tuition, university fees, room and board, and books. Scholarships are given as a % of these costs ranging from 0-100%. The remaining % will need to be paid by the student-athlete if a full scholarship is not given.

  • Will I receive a full ride?

    Less than 1% of all student-athletes at college in America receive a full ride. It is not realistic to begin your search expecting to receive the 100% golden ticket, especially in your first year. In some cases, it is possible for your scholarship to increase based on performance, but you should be prepared to still pay a % of your yearly costs and make a budget for this accordingly.

  • What are the additional costs associated?

    Apart from the cost incurred by the university, you need to be prepared to pay for health insurance and flights during your time in the States. Also, during the recruitment process, you will need to cover the application fees, visa fees, and other registration fees for all the items and paperwork required to study in America.

  • Can you become professional from playing a sport in college?

    College sports are one of the main recruiting grounds for the major leagues in America. The MLS, for example, has a draft each year that includes the best college players from the previous season. If you play at the top level, you can expect professional teams to be watching.

  • What can I study?

    If you are attending college as an undergraduate you will work towards a bachelor’s degree in a subject field of your choice. You do not need to study sports and can work towards any degree that the university you attend offers, and you are academically eligible for.

  • How long can I play?

    You can receive up to 4 years eligibility to play in college once passing through the clearinghouse to ensure amateur status. These 4 seasons can be played over a period of 5 years in the case of a bad injury occurring or a family emergency.

How to find scholarships

If you're a male or female at the end of secondary school then get in touch today to start your search. We would love to hear from you!


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