The Growing World Of College Esports

Esports College Scholarships

Gaming is a growing industry that is worth billions of pounds and colleges in the USA have taken note with their expanded offering of college esports scholarships.

Esports college scholarships

Esports college scholarships are now offered by a range of universities in America to students who are talented in the field of gaming. Colleges offer athletic scholarship funding to selected students to put towards their university tuition, room and board and fees. Play games, while earning a college degree at a reduced price. Sounds good right?

Esports in college are as competitive as regular sports offerings. Coaches are looking for skilled players, with good academic and personal characteristics. Balance is key to any student-athlete in college esports and you need to be able to practice and compete, while passing your classes and remaining on track to graduate.

esports college teams

Many esports college teams compete in the NACE (National Association of Collegiate Esports). While there are some other institutions offering scholarships not under the NACE banner, they personally boast 80+ member schools with 1,500+ student-athletes who have $9million in esports scholarships and aid. As college esports are not governed by the NCAA there is no academic requirements currently set for eligibility – you just need to be academical admissible by each university.

PC games make up the bulk of titles that students compete in. Counter Strike, Hearthstone, Overwatch and League of Legends are the main players but games in other genres like FIFA/Madden or Street Fighter/Mortal Kombat can also be found amongst others in college esports competition. The list of games continues to grow with the release of new titles and the number of players competing.

esports in college

Along with scholarship opportunities, esports college teams also boast some great facilities. In line with the funding that goes into traditional college sports, you are now finding some great gaming arenas around the colleges of the USA. The university of California, Irvine boasts this arena:

While here is another example of a college esports arena at Hawaii Pacific University where they have a 3,000 sf facility with all the technology and games for their students. VR (Virtual Reality) is also included in addition to the gaming rigs there.

Just like in soccer, basketball or American football, college esports also offers a great opportunity to pursue professional gaming. While attending college and earning valuable life and technical skills you will also put yourself in the eye sight of professional teams. As college esports grow, so will the viewership and more eyes will be put on the players by teams looking for new professional players. Away from professional players, there is also many opportunities in content creation with many individuals making fans from their live streams or video highlights.

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So how do I get recruited I hear you say? With the relatively new landscape of college esports, many coaches are students themselves and a lot of their scouting is done online. Talented players can build up followings on Twitch/YouTube with the platforms they offer. Coaches can come across live streams or watch previous clips sent to them. With the range of social platforms designed for gaming it’s easy for coaches to find out more about you as a player and person and scout you accordingly. Players can take part in online games to test their skill against the current roster or even be invited to campus for a try-out.

esports college scholarships 2019

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